Grays Harbor Property MGMT LLC

Dee & Jim Boyd - Property Managers/Brokers

Rental Approval Process
For Grays Harbor Property MGMT LLC.

Prior to running your application, you will need to pay the application fee of $30.00 per adult unless you're married.  Until the application fee is paid, you will not be approved. All application fees are non-refundable.

Pet Policy: $200.00 non-refundadble per pet fee. The tenant will have paid the pet fee as a non-refundable fee to property management if said pet is then approved. The tenant understands that pet fee will not be refunded, even if there is no damage to the premises at the end of the term.  

Don't leave your furry friends behind.

Rental History

We will verify your prior rental history using the information you have provided on the rental application.  Failure to provide requested information, providing inaccurate information, or the information received upon contacting prior landlords will influence our decision to rent the property to you.

Credit History

We will obtain a credit report from a Credit Reporting Agency, commonly called a credit report.  This will verify your credit history.  Our decision to rent the property to you may be based on the information received from this report.  If your rental application is denied due to the information contained in your credit report, you will be notified.


Current Income

We may ask for verification of your income as provided in the rental application. 



Background Check

We will perform a criminal history investigation in order to verify the information you have provided on the rental application.   Our decision to rent the property to you may be influenced by information contained in the criminal investigation.

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